Absalom Nyinza, popularly Abbi, is one of Kenya’s finest Afro-fusionist. With roots in Kenyan people’s traditional instruments and tunes, he fuses contemporary instruments from the world today, such as West-African djembe, kora along with piano, violin, sax, flute, bass, guitars and drums. Abbi takes his Kenyan beats into a newness, experimenting with other genres as salsa, jazz, reggae, and pop. Furthermore, he likes mixing different languages and sings in both English, Swahili, Luhya, French, Luo and Maasai. His music has taken him on tours and festival-performances such as the North Sea Jazz and
Mundial festival several times.

Abbi began his musical career in 1993 as an a cappella singer and ventured into Afro-fusion some years later. His first solo-album came out in 2003 titled “Mudunia”. This album led to two Kisima Awards for Best Male Artist and Most Promising Artist.