Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, singer Lisa Oduor-Noah boasts a cross-continental performance and recording catalogue that is truly telling of the artists love of music. Raised on a plethora of genres, the Berklee College of Music graduate seeks to be an agent of healing, hope and restoration through her music.

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MtuKampuni is a Berkelee trained music producer and record engineer  a songwriter, singer and rapper based in Nairobi, Kenya.

He describes himself as a genreless artist with an experimental sound. His music is influenced by Hip-Hop, Afro Pop, Benga, Gospel and Dancehall to name just a few.

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Richard Kasika

Richard Kasika is a multi-faceted artist, musician, filmmaker, singer, song writer and technician who is previous. His music is about justice and care — a very introspective voice.

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bsalom Nyinza, popularly Abbi, is one of Kenya’s finest Afro-fusionist. With roots in Kenyan people’s traditional instruments and tunes, he fuses contemporary instruments from the world today, such as West-African djembe, kora along with piano, violin, sax, flute, bass, guitars and drums.

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Manasseh Shalom

Manasseh Shalom’s music takes listeners through a journey into time in pursuit of that authentic African sound. Encompassing both humour and emotional appeal, his airy harmonies and delicate lyrics create a beautiful blend between traditional and modern Kenya.

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