Manasseh Shalom


Manasseh Shalom’s music takes listeners through a journey into time in pursuit of that authentic African sound. Encompassing both humour and emotional appeal, his airy harmonies and delicate lyrics create a beautiful blend between traditional and modern Kenya.

In his early years, he mostly spoke Kamba up until his middle years in Primary school. At age ten, he developed a keen interest in piano, and by 13 he sang and played in church. At 17, he took up the guitar which has since remained his primary instrument. He went on to learn the saxophone, drums, and harmonica which he now practices in his spare time.

In his bold words, Manasseh would like to become an authentic African representation. You will notice this if you follow the growth in his music. In his songs, he enjoys fusing his mother tongue with other languages. He has released 2 albums and a host of singles. If you are given to vocal-emphasized, humour-filled packed and honey-coated harmonies, this music is for you!